The same process was utilized to test reliability of your quiddity variables (playing with 76 era entirely)

The same process was utilized to test reliability of your quiddity variables (playing with 76 era entirely)

The introduction of categories and you can good pilot reliability shot survived step three days, where day the fresh new codebook was modified a few times. So you’re able to sample accuracy, several programmers (graduate students) alone coded a group off a hundred at random chosen meme days (regarding the 10% of your sample). The new contract rates was checked out making use of the Krippendorff ( 2004b ) decide to try, that have .66 just like the minimum score to accept a varying because demanded (Krippendorff, 2004a ). Fundamentally, two details, subculture (content) and photo listing (form) gotten an inadequate rating, and you can was in fact taken out of the brand new codebook, making forty eight parameters into real coding (Look for but also for the complete codebook of universal services within the the analysis). After precision had been created, all of those other shot are separated among them programmers.

System investigation

We employed circle data process (Barabasi & Frangos, 2002 ; Newman, Barabasi, & Watts, 2006 ) so you’re able to chart the content, contribution, and setting parallels between meme circumstances as well as their cohesiveness. Our actors regarding community was basically brand new meme period, as well as their undirected links was an average content, participation, and means qualities. Eg, in the event that meme period A great and you will B express about three general characteristics during the preferred, the tie perform lbs about three. We built three separate undirected networking sites for blogs, function, and contribution, and also a system that combines the elements together. Aforementioned signifies the general proximity certainly meme instances within our attempt.

Network investigation allowed identifying probably the most main meme era, quite simply, those that common the greatest level of posts, contribution, and form features with folks, in addition to those that was in fact a great deal more peripheral, for example had novel otherwise unusual functions ( ). On the other hand, studying the general design of your own community, we could pick clusters off meme times with a high cohesiveness out of content, involvement, and you may means. We could up coming look at and that meme group had been more natural than other people and you may let you know the web link ranging from general features and you will family relations cohesiveness.

Computing the brand new cohesiveness out-of meme group

Architectural cohesion in the systems enjoys various proportions (Light & Harary, 2001 ). We chose the most straightforward you to, and you will opposed the fresh links one of cases of a comparable members of the family with links outside the family members. The newest cohesiveness changeable was designed to explore as to what the total amount meme circumstances were exactly like almost every other times about exact same family relations inside the regards to common articles, involvement, and you can function. First, we determined the network training (Barabasi & Frangos, 2002 ; Newman, Barabasi, & Watts, 2006 ) of every meme eg, we.e., just how many well-known posts, contribution, and you will setting attributes this distributed to almost every other occasions regarding same relatives with period from other families. Next, per of the 50 meme household inside our try, we determined brand new imply level of common functions the era common within and outside the family members. Ultimately, brand new cohesiveness changeable is actually identified as the difference on mean quantity of well-known services in this and you may additional a great meme family unit members.

Computing the newest uniqueness regarding meme families

The new measurement away from individuality peak was designed to mention exactly how novel an effective meme family relations was in terms of the common posts, participation, and form characteristics. Put another way, individuality peak reflected the newest gap involving the universal features of a meme members of the family therefore the popular (the most famous generic functions on the entire decide to try). First, we determined the percentage of content, contribution, and you can means attributes in for every loved ones; 2nd, i calculated the fresh new part of for every feature on entire attempt; ultimately, per meme friends, i computed the new square-root of one’s amount of brand new rectangular differences when considering both (as in this new formula to own simple deviation). It was standard to vary from 0 and 1, in which step one represents top individuality from a good meme friends for the regards to its general functions.

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