How to Hire a Kotlin Developer in 2023: The Complete Hiring Guide

Kotlin is a modern programming language used to create high-performance mobile applications. The best Kotlin developers are well-versed with the Android libraries and have considerable expertise in functional programming and web service concepts. Senior Kotlin developers should have a solid foundation in the language, as well as extensive experience in Java and Android-based development. They must have a thorough understanding of object-oriented programming concepts and their implementation, and a proven track record of frequent software delivery to production. They should also be highly knowledgeable about the mobile app ecosystem, including front-end components and server-side frameworks. Kotlin is a new universal programming language designed to make mobile app development easier and more efficient.

According to the data of the average salary is around $96k p.a. We hope that this comprehensive review will help you hire the best Kotlin developers. Follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn to be the first to know about our blog updates. Hiring managers can also check candidate qualifications using technical screening platforms such as DevSkiller or Codility.

Advantages of using Kotlin

All new code in the Trello Android application is written in Kotlin as well. In this section, we learn about how well-known companies implemented Kotlin in their projects. Each of them pointed out the advantages of Kotlin in its concise and easy-to-read syntax, asynchronous capabilities, and seamless interoperability with Java. We’ve compiled information on the average salaries of Kotlin engineers on Glassdoor. Please note that the platform took into account the earnings of engineers with varying degrees of expertise, meaning that actual salaries may differ from case to case. Remember, though, job boards were invented during the Great Depression when millions of people were out of work and there was a talent surplus.

hiring kotlin developers

Once you have structured documentation of the requirements, you can proceed with the next stage. A matchmaking service company like codecombinator, offers a comprehensive two-level matchmaking process to ensure the alignment of tech stack and talent for your product. Our approach facilitates collaborative work environments within developer hubs, enabling seamless collaboration among your tech talent, embedded teams, and peers. Kotlin competes with Java to be a top programming language for mobile applications on Android. Kotlin developers design and develop programs in the Kotlin programming language.

Where to Hire a Kotlin Developer – Top Websites

In the portfolio, check for at least one app project based on Java or Kotlin. Then, post the job advertisement on various job portals, online platforms, etc. A good job description will attract the best talents to apply for the job. After establishing the requirements, create a job description that presents work details, skills, and experience requirements concisely. Check out our sample Kotlin Developer Job Description, which outlines all the work-related details and skills needed for this role. Delineate every detail of the company’s requirements for an effective hiring process.

  • If you’re a US-based startup, hiring specialists offshore can significantly lower development costs without any decrease in quality.
  • We also discuss the benefits of using the language and how world-renowned companies have incorporated Kotlin into their projects.
  • Static typing performs type checking at compile time, detecting errors early in development.
  • Some companies also prefer candidates with a bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience in computer science.
  • Companies hire Kotlin developers as they are experienced enough to build and develop cost-effective, efficient, and user-friendly Kotlin-based applications.
  • In-house development necessitates the formation of a strong team from the start.

The language has a modern syntax and some new ideas like coroutines it brings to current Java web development. Kotlin joined the TIOBE Index’s top 20 rankings at number 20, replacing the Julia programming language. Check out our detailed pricing guide for more freelance developer rates.

How to Successfully Find and Hire the Best React Native Developer in 2023

If you want to build an app with Kotlin, fill in the short form and we’ll get back to you to discuss the details. Finding developers through such platforms as Fiverr or Upwork is a popular option for mobile app development. Also, if your app development project requires expertise in particular fields, it is easier to find and temporarily hire freelance specialists with the right experience just for this project. However, it can be hard to assess the real skill level of a freelancer, which increases risks of having code of poor quality.

hiring kotlin developers

Based on your budget and project duration, determine an appealing salary range. Kotlin was officially announced as a first-class language for Android development by Google in 2017. First thing first, let’s know what Kotlin is; then, we will move to the advantages hiring kotlin developers of Kotlin, and yes, finally, we will learn how to hire a Kotlin developer. Discovery – a project manager, UX-researcher, designer and analyst together with a client analyze the market, define the audience and future app’s functionality and appearance.

Sr. Android/Kotlin Developer

As the demand for web applications surges and user expectations reach new heights, hiring the right Kotlin developers becomes an imperative task. Hiring the best Kotlin developers is paramount if you want to develop cutting-edge applications for various business requirements. Hence, it is vital to have a strong hiring funnel and collaboration with efficient deep jobs platforms like Turing for a seamless and smooth hiring process. You can sign up now with Turing and start hiring the best Kotlin developers for your dream engineering team within 3-5 days.

hiring kotlin developers

Companies hire full-time employees based on the abilities required to create their teams. Traditional channels, such as job boards and recruitment agencies, can help you reach a broad audience. However, leveraging modern channels, such as social media platforms and developer communities, is crucial to target specific Kotlin-focused talent pools. Finding the best Kotlin developers requires tapping into various candidate-sourcing channels.

Back-end web development

Engaging with these communities allows you to connect with Kotlin enthusiasts who might be actively seeking new opportunities. Moreover, this skill set enables them to write clean, easy-to-maintain code that can be modified or updated effortlessly. According to Kotlin’s creator JetBrains, a Kotlin code has 40% fewer lines than a Java code.

hiring kotlin developers

When you hire Kotlin developers, you ideally want them to take ownership of the application and take responsibility for its effective implementation. Kotlin developers often have a strong foundation in general software development principles, as well as an understanding of object-oriented and functional programming concepts. They might have prior experience in Java, as Kotlin’s interoperability with Java is one of its notable strengths. Kotlin developers can find opportunities in various industries, ranging from mobile app development and web development to backend services and software engineering roles.

Soft Skills for Kotlin Developers

You can look at the different job sourcing platforms, compare their services, look at reviews, and then choose appropriate platforms based on what suits your requirements the best. Some of the factors you must look for in a job sourcing platform include a previous track record, transparency, reliability, and professional customer support service. You can use more than one job sourcing platform for finding the best Kotlin developers if you have high-scale requirements.

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